Digital Magazines: Too soon for the Spanish market?

Returning to some of the statistics regarding digital adoption in Spain, I began to question whether the Spanish market at today (2006) truly offers enough market demand  to warrant investment in digital magazine products.

My first concern stems from the fact that only 37.1% of the Spanish population are Internet users, and less than half of the population – 45.9% – actually own a personal computer (Exhibit 1). Although market growth predictions for print magazine hovers at a meager 4% (Exhibit 8) – and thus appears ripe for disruption – and magazine readers in Spain comprise  a more or less robust 48.9% of the total Spanish population, this demographic of readers has been falling steadily for the past decade since it peaked in 1991 with 58.3% of total Spanish readership – reflecting a decrease in demand for print magazines that cannot necessarily be equated with the growth of the Internet use and access in the country (Exhibit 4).  Therefore, if less of the Spanish population are accessing and using digital media and yet simultaneously are decreasing their demand for traditional print magazines, then my question is, where is the shift of attention/ demand moving to – what other media is growing (radio, television?)?  Would we be jumping into a shrinking magazine consumer market that is reflecting an overall decrease in demand for this form of content, regardless of whether it is through print or digital platforms?

I think more research & surveying would be advisable to fully understand the Spanish potential market, beyond just its available market as I am not convinced this latter is enough to sustain our investment and growth at this moment.

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